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Is Your Workplace Fire Safe?

Published January 08, 2018 (last updated February 9, 2023) - Head of Health and Safety
Employsure Fire Safety Infographic

Keeping the business ready.

Ensuring a safe workplace is no easy task, and while there are some common areas of safety employers are comfortable with there are often other areas that can be a challenge. Fire safety is one area where employers must be compliant, and there are some big focal points no business can afford to overlook.

There are some simple things employers can do to make sure their business is as fire safe as possible:

  • Have a plan in place – make sure staff know what to do, where the right equipment is, and who to call if there is a need for emergency services.
  • Get the right equipment – having the right type of fire safety equipment is vital, including the right type of extinguisher depending on the type of fire, as well as a sprinkler system and a fire blanket

This infographic serves as a checklist for employers to take some simple, but important, steps to minimise the risk of fire as much as possible.

Fire safety obligations.

Fire safety obligations fall into two categories:

  • Structural obligations – a landlord and/or occupier of commercial premises has obligations under various state-based planning laws to ensure that structural elements of business premises comply with relevant building codes and fire safety.
  • Occupier’s obligations – an occupier of commercial premises who conducts a business or undertaking has various obligations relating to fire safety under the relevant state Act and Regulation.

What does this mean for small businesses?

Small business owners need to manage their fire safety obligations, however, there are some aspects which must be managed by an appropriate body. Clients of Employsure are provided with assistance in managing their occupier’s obligations, however structural obligations can often be overlooked as employers will need special assistance from a qualified business or agency. In some cases, a local council can assist in managing structural obligations to fire safety.

For advice on how to manage the impact of fire in your workplace, contact Employsure on 1300 651 415.

This infographic serves as a checklist for employers to take some simple, but important, steps to minimise the risk of fire as much as possible, download it here. 

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