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World Cup fever

World Cup fever (Last Updated On: November 21, 2016)

Australia may be out of the FIFA World Cup contention however the biggest international party of 2014 is just heating up. The last 6 teams are ready to face the FIFA World Cup semi-finals and employers need to be weary of requested leave or flexible working hours for those passionate football fans.

All matches are screened at unfavourable times in Australia, and employers may see absenteeism from work and increased work from home requests. Employers may have already experienced patterns since the beginning of the FIFA World Cup on the 12th June. If you need some guidance when monitoring your staff here are a few ideas:

–      Workplace screenings of the matches, or allow staff to listen to the match at         their desks;

–       Flexible working hours – let staff members start later or finish earlier;

–       Let staff swap rostered shifts with those who are not interested in the                     matches;

–       Allow unpaid leave.

Let’s not forget that there are many cultures in Australia who are madly passionate about football. For some, football is a connecting tie to tradition and values and should be celebrated. Although, if you have any doubts about employees taking advantage of these celebrations and you wish to seek some advice on acceptable boundaries please contact Employsure by filling out the form below.

*Information sourced via Employment Law Matters website. 

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