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Your Say On Minimum Wage

Minimum WageJune 29, 2018

(Last Updated On: September 11, 2018)

In the June edition of The Bottom Line we asked your opinion on Australia’s new Minimum Wage. This is what you had to say.

Employers thoughts on Minimum Wage Increase.

  • 36% of employers said the increase was too high
  • 68% said the increase would negatively impact their business
  • 25% said there shouldn’t be an increase at all
  • Only 12% of respondents said the new Minimum Wage would not have an impact on their business

How will employers pay for the increase?

  • 30.3% will raise their prices of their products or services
  • 19.1% will cut the number of hours or shifts of their staff
  • 21.3% will reduce the number of staff in their business
  • 16.8% will work more hours in the business themselves

Expectation vs Reality.

  • The average Minimum Wage increase most employers could afford: 0.34c
  • Australia’s actual Minimum Wage increase in 2018: 0.64c

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