Matilda Greene

Employment Relations Consultant

New South Wales

Matilda started her career working for a medium business in the construction, oil and gas, and mining industry on large scale projects across Australia.

Matilda has worked in both human resources and health and safety, completing certificates in Occupational Health and Safety, Rehabilitation and Return to Work and Training and Assessing. These certificates aided the compliance requirements for working in the industry and provided a firm knowledge of legislation interpretation and practises.

Continuing with her career development, Matilda commenced a Bachelor of Business (Majoring in Human Resources and Management) at Griffith University. Whilst working and studying, Matilda was able to apply real-life situations to the academic practices and vice-versa. This gave Matilda a strong foundation for employee Relations, industrial relations and human resources.

Matilda was able to demonstrate these skills and experiences and was promoted to Employment Relations Team Leader, overseeing human resources and safety. After working for almost six years in the industry, Matilda progressed to consulting.

Matilda enjoys helping small businesses and soon joined Employsure to continue consulting, for all industry types. Whilst working for Employsure, Matilda has been able to help a number of clients with compliance, interpretation of legislation and documentation. Matilda’s strengths are helping small business owners with interpretation legislation and understanding how they can manage their employees to get the best result for both employer and employees.

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