5 Pitfalls for Small Business Owners – and How to Avoid Them

Learn about where your business blindspots are, and identify issues that hold back business growth.

5 Pitfalls for Small Business Owners Guide


As Australia’s largest independent provider of small business workplace advice, we’ve come to see some interesting patterns about where businesses make mistakes, and across all industries these pitfalls are surprisingly similar.

In this free ebook, learn about the 5 major issues we’ve uncovered, and more importantly, our strategies to overcome them.


  • Failing to formalise employment agreements Protect your business with the correct contracts
  • Underestimating the importance of record keeping  Understand the legal requirements
  • Neglecting to build policies and procedures Build a solid foundation for business growth
  • Missing out on employee potential Maximise the investment you’ve made
  • Trying to do everything How to make outsourcing work for you

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