JobKeeper 2.0 | The Ultimate eGuide

Understanding stand downs, reduced hours, redundancies and changing work locations. 

JobKeeper 2.0 Enabling Directions Explained


It’s official: JobKeeper 2.0 has been legislated. But what does it mean for employers and business owners?  

The changes to the Fair Work Act will continue, allowing employers greater flexibility to manage their staff and their business during the COVID-19 crisis. 

JobKeeper Enabling Directions in particular mean that employers can stand down their staff, reduce hours and change working locations subject to meeting eligibility criteria. But what are the rules, and how do you implement the changes fairly and effectively? 

This guide includes: 

  • Tips and Advice for using JobKeeper Enabling Directions 
  • Guidance on Stand Downs 
  • How to reduce and employees hours 
  • How to change their working locations  
  • The role of Redundancies in the JobKeeper process 

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