Stamping Out Sexual Harassment: Tips, Tools and Advice for Employers

There are actions employers can take to minimise sexual harassment in their workplace.


After accusations of sexual harassment and assault were made public by employees working in Federal politics, there was an instinctive nationwide response. There were protests and solidarity marches around the country; resignations of politicians and their staffers; and a surge of women coming forward to report sexual harassment.

These accusations threw a new light on certain power relationships and social interactions in the workplace. The response made it clear that attitudes have changed and behaviour that was once tolerated is now less acceptable than ever.

Sexual harassment isn’t a new problem, but it also isn’t inevitable or acceptable. It is, however, something that can be minimised.

In this Guide:

  • Sexual harassment at work defined
  • Sexual harassment and the workplace: Your obligations as an employer
  • What to do when an employee makes a sexual harassment claim
  • How to investigate a sexual harassment claim
  • A sexual harassment policy checklist
  • Tips for handling workplace romance

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