Succeeding Through Covid | Q&A Factsheet

You can survive and even thrive through Covid. We answer your questions regarding regarding leave management (for testing or isolation) and how to handle staff infection, get free advice in this special Q&A edition.


Our Employment Relations Advisors receive large volumes of calls every day from business owners seeking answers to Covid leave management, operating through Covid, and infection management in the business during this new variant. Our trusted advisors give free advice in this e-guide.

Easily download now to get answers such as these to these crucial questions:

  • Which leave do I use for my employee for testing? My employee is still awaiting results.
  • What if my employee has run out of annual leave after Christmas and refuses to use unpaid leave for isolation?

This is vital information for any small business owner or employer.  

We offer free initial advice to business owners, call our advisors to support you during this time.

The information in this guide is of a general nature only and is not a substitute for advice from a workplace relations expert. For further information regarding the vaccine itself, medical advice, or public health law, seek out the advice of a relevant expert.

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