Understanding Disciplinary Action

Understanding when and how to take disciplinary action against your employees can be complicated. Our downloadable e-guide can help get you get started.


If an employee is behaving improperly in the workplace, an employer may need to raise and address concerns regarding the employee’s conduct by means of a formal disciplinary process. 

It is recommended that you introduce and implement policies and procedures as to the expected standards of behaviour in the workplace, so employees know what is considered acceptable conduct.   

This guide will benefit employers of all shapes and sizes as it outlines misconduct and disciplinary processes and provides useful tips on how you could set up processes and policies. 

In this guide: 

  • When disciplinary action may be required 
  • The definition of misconduct 
  • Responding to misconduct 
  • A disciplinary process 
  • Reasonable management actions 
  • Termination for misconduct 

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