Workplace Ready Resource Pack

Hygiene posters and customisable templates for businesses to help adapt your workplace to the latest COVID-19 hygiene measures.



COVID may seem like it has ended, but it isn’t finished yet. If your business is currently under restrictions, this pack is for you.

It can help you with the decisions you may need to make when assessing your business operations, bringing employees back to work and ensuring the workplace is safe.

Here are some free templates and resources to help you meet your obligations and keep your business safe, healthy, and hygienic. 

This Free Pack Includes:

  • Back to Business Hygiene Tips Poster
  • Business Hours Sign
  • Hand Washing Poster
  • Social Distancing Poster
  • Maximum Capacity Room Sign
  • Maximum Capacity Storefront Sign
  • Seating Capacity Sign
  • Seating Area Unavailable Sign
  • Table Unavailable Sign
  • Mask Etiquette Poster

Note: this pack will download as a zip file. Check your browser downloads if you can’t find the file

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