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Buzz Childcare Recruitment

Published April 01, 2015 (last updated October 1, 2020) -
Buzz Childcare Review


Buzz Childcare Recruitment was founded by Victoria Sharp in 2011 to meet the high demand for childcare workers in Sydney. Before Employsure, she relied on her previous experience of this highly regulated industry but often used Google to learn about her legal obligations as an employer. There were always nagging doubts she might be missing something and it would “come back to bite her”.

What We Did

Employsure reviewed her paperwork, to find out what was compliant and what we needed to supply. We made the process as easy as possible to understand. Whenever she had a specific problem, Victoria would ring the Advice line describing the scenario she was dealing with and what outcome she was looking for. Employsure told her exactly what to do and how to do it “to the letter of the law”.

As Victoria said, the best part for her was being confident Employsure knew the outcome she wanted in her business and could offer her more than one option for attaining it.

The Result


Victoria described the initial experience of having her paperwork comply as a real “load off”. She now felt confident she had everything and more than she needed to be fully compliant.


When Victoria calls the Advice line with a problem, she explains the scenario and the outcome she wants, and Employsure gives her different options for achieving it lawfully.


Although Vicki has plenty of experience in the childcare industry, Employsure gives her confidence as an employer to make the right decisions which “won’t come back to bite her”.


Our advice service is “absolutely invaluable”. Even if advisers do not have the right advice at the time, they always call back promptly with the right answer. Victoria always feels informed about where Employsure is with the process, which takes away her stress.


Since Victoria always gets the outcome and advice she needs, she never has to waste time or money going anywhere else for an answer.


Buzz prides itself on being fair and doing “the legwork so you can concentrate on the decision-making” while Employsure works for fairness and does the legwork of workplace relations so owners can focus on their business.

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