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Dig It Civil: The backbone of my business

Published November 23, 2016 (last updated October 1, 2020) -
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Scott Remond founded and launched Dig It Civil Pty Ltd nine years ago, after working for a civil construction company. He realised he had more drive and potential than what his role could offer, so set up his own earth moving company in 2007. Since then, his business has grown to 35 full-team team members, and a range of subcontractors who are utilised on a job by job basis.

Scott was searching online and asking like-minded business owners for their opinions in order to find answers to his employment relations and work health and safety questions. He found this process extremely time-consuming and was not confident that the answers he was finding were correct.

Prior to 2016, Scott’s staff turnover was quite high. He wants to really focus on retention, as well as providing his staff with their correct entitlements, and this is where Employsure has helped.

What We Did

Scott knew that in order to progress to the next stage in his business, he needed correct information and up to date documentation. Employsure’s Consultants visited Dig It Civil Pty Ltd and reviewed his current employment processes and identified any gaps or areas for improvement.

Scott’s employees now have much-needed employment contracts, and Employsure provided specific employee handbooks which clarify all the business’s employment relations and work health and safety policies and procedures.

Employsure also assisted Scott in managing two very difficult employees. The first employee resigned and refused to return company property. Employsure assisted Scott with ensuring he approached the situation professionally and legally, which in turn allowed for a quick turnaround process with the return of the items. Scott took comfort in the knowledge that Employsure would represent Scott if the matter worsened.

The second matter was the intention to terminate a staff member. Employsure drafted the required letters and assisted through each of the termination process. Scott knew he had the support and knowledge of professionals every step of the way.

The Result

Time saved.

Scott believes that since joining with Employsure he now saves hours, which allows him to truly focus on the running of his business. Employsure introduced a new way for Dig It Civil Pty Ltd to onboard and induct new staff members which Scott takes comfort in knowing is right and fair.


A large part of Scott’s decision to join with Employsure is that he is at the stage in his business where he wishes to grow and expand. He wants to build his reputation with his clients and Employsure provides him with the reassurance he needs to move forward.

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