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HYPAR: Helping young people at risk

Published April 22, 2015 (last updated October 1, 2020) Author: Employsure


Ross Barns, a self-confessed “ideas man” and “entrepreneur”, founded HYPAR 7 years ago. The ATO audited his business for the first time when he had five contractors working for him. When he had 10 workers, he considered creating an enterprise bargaining agreement and searched for Fair Work help.

He said Fair Work legislation is not only hard to find, but “nearly impossible” to interpret. He spent too much time guessing what the awards meant and could not afford to take the risk by getting it wrong. He realised policies and procedures were “not his strong point” and he and his wife were starting to feel rather vulnerable.

What We Did

Employsure sent out a consultant to speak to Ross and he decided to take advantage of our employment relations service. After a good experience with our service, he signed up for our workplace health and safety service, too. We put in place all the documents he needed to be compliant, including policies and procedures, contracts and handbooks.

Ross took advantage of our 24-hour advice line, particularly when he had a difficult situation with a member of staff and needed to know exactly how he should handle it. He is used to dealing with young men in challenging situations but Employsure advisers gave him the confidence. He appreciated being able to call us any time of day and get an immediate answer.

The Result


Ross gives his clients superior customer service, expects the same in return as a client and he gets exactly that from Employsure. He works 24/7 and we work for him 24/7 – he says it’s the perfect partnership.


Ross is very conscious of being a best practice employer and wants to look after his staff. He feels he has now built a great culture at work, with the help from Employsure.


Employsure creates a safe environment at HYPAR especially for new starters because the paperwork is clear, concise and legal. Ross is equally impressed with the level of service, professionalism and comprehension from the people he talks to at Employsure.


Employsure gives Ross peace of mind and lets him concentrate on growing his business and “leading from the front”.  Having external parties take over where he lacks skills has made him more successful and helped him grow the business sooner.


Employsure has been a “godsend and complete relief for him” knowing that, as long as he follows our advice, he is completely protected. He can relax knowing he has done everything right.

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    Exceed expectations every time we interact


  • ★★★★★

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    Employsure are professional, punctual with their responses and very easy to deal with.

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