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Behavioural Based Interview

Technique used by interviewers to assess potential candidates’ ability to determine if they suit the role that they are being interviewed for. This technique not only tests candidates’ abilities but it also sheds light on their experiences.

By asking detailed and specific questions about the candidate’s experience, employers can gauge whether the candidate possesses the desired qualities for the role. The most important thing is to ascertain if the skills are transferable from the candidate’s previous position to the current one.

Bereavement Leave

Allows employee time off work when an immediate family or household member dies or develops a terminal illness/injury. Employees can take bereavement leave in a continuous two-day period or request it be split into two separate days. Full-time and part-time employees are paid their ordinary rate of pay. Casual employees are not entitled to paid bereavement leave.

Better Off Overall Test (BOOT)

Test used by the Fair Work Commission (FWC) to determine if they should approve or dismiss a proposed Enterprise Agreement. The objective of the test is to demonstrate that employees are ‘better off’ under the proposed Enterprise Agreement when compared to the conditions of the existing Modern Award.

Bullying Policy

Course or principle of action adopted by a business, which sets out acceptable workplace behaviours. Typically, bullying policy will also include a complaints handling procedure that determines how matters of bullying can be reported, and how they will be handled.

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