• Fair Work Act 2009

    The Fair Work Act is the key piece of Commonwealth legislation regulating employment and workplace relations. It provides for terms and conditions of employment and sets out the rights and responsibilities of employees, employers and employee organisations in relation to that employment.

  • Fair Work Australia

    Former name of the Fair Work Commission. Their primary role was to set the national minimum wage, create and update industry-specific modern awards and approve enterprise agreements.

  • Fair Work Building and Construction (FWBC)

    Is now known as Australian Building & Construction Commission. The FWBC was a federal government agency established by the Fair Work (Building Industry) Act 2012. FWBC aimed to ensure the rule of law was applied on building sites within Australia. They also ensured that work was carried out fairly, efficiently and productively for the benefit of all building industry participants, and for the benefit of the Australian economy as a whole. In 2016, the Fair Work Building and Construction became known as the Australian Building & Construction Commission (ABCC).

  • Fair Work Commission (FWC)

    Is the Australian industrial relations tribunal created by the Fair Work Act 2009. The primary role of the FWC is to set the national minimum wage, create and update industry-specific Modern Awards and approve enterprise agreements. They also have specialist staff to help resolve workplace disputes and deal with applications concerning unfair dismissal claims.

  • Fair Work Ombudsman (FWO)

    An independent statutory agency created by the Fair Work Act 2009. The role of the FWO is to help employers and employees understand and follow Australian workplace laws. They also monitor, enquire, and investigate workplaces across the country to enforce compliance with Australian workplace laws.

  • Federal Court of Australia

    An Australian superior court of record with the appropriate jurisdiction to handle most civil and criminal matters that arise under the Fair Work jurisdiction. If a workplace-related dispute cannot be resolved through mediation or the Fair Work Commission (FWC), the case could be presented to the Federal Court of Australia.

  • Freedom of Association

    Employees and contractors have the right to associate and be a member of a union. They also have the right to disassociate from a union. It is illegal for employees to be coerced by either the unions or their employers on their decision to associate/disassociate with a union. Freedom of association is also applicable to employers.

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