• Legislation

    A law enacted by a legislature or other governing body. It is important for an employer to be familiar with the legislations that are relevant to their industry, business and state or territory. Failure to comply with workplace legislation can result in severe fines and penalties.

  • Lone Worker

    An employee who carries out a job by themselves and has no direct contact with other staff, management or the general public. The worker may be situated at a remote location away from their primary worksite, on a fixed site where only one person works on the premise, or they work outside regular hours.

    Employers are responsible for the health, safety and general well-being of lone workers and are required by law to implement specific monitoring systems. Lone workers must also cooperate with the health and safety procedures outlined by their employer and report all incidents, near-misses and other dangerous events.

  • Long Service Leave

    A period of paid leave granted to an employee who has served a specified period of continuous employment. The entitlement to long service leave is usually derived from long service leave laws in each state or territory. They set out how much leave the employee gets and how long an employee must work to get long service leave.

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