• Onboarding

    Process for new employees to learn the necessary tools and knowledge to perform their job well. It also aims to integrate them with an existing organisation and its culture successfully.

  • Orientation

    The introductory stage of employment to help new employees become familiar with a new organisation. During orientation, the employee will gain a better understanding of the business’ core values, duties and responsibilities of the job, layout of the worksite itself and become acquainted with existing staff.

  • Outsourcing

    The practice of hiring a third-party organisation to carry out business functions that were once performed in-house by the company’s staff. When a company hires an international organisation to carry out their business function, it is known as offshoring.

  • Overpayment

    A payment made in excess of what is due under the employee’s contract of employment. This can occur due to a clerical error, technical malfunction in the payroll system, or a simple oversight from the employer.

  • Overtime Rates

    Rate paid to compensate an employee for work performed outside the ordinary hours listed in an Award or agreement. Overtime rates vary depending on the industry, agreement and award.

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