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Keeping in touch days.

(Last Updated On: August 23, 2017)

Keeping in touch days.

Keeping in touch days allow your employee to go back to work for a few days. Employees on unpaid parental leave or government-funded parental leave have the right to work up to 10 keeping in touch days during their leave, without losing their entitlement to unpaid parental leave.

They can work part days, one day at a time, a few days at a time or all at once. During this time they may take part in a planning day, do some training or attend a conference. You need to pay their usual wage for each keeping in touch day or part day. One advantage of keeping in touch days is they can help employees ease back into work after parental leave.

You are allowed to contact your employees while away on parental leave if there are developments at work or promotion opportunities for example. In cases where something major is happening at work, the law says you have to let them know.

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