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Probation period, performance reviews, and 360 feedback fall within the spectrum of managing employee performance. Having these procedures in place is crucial for fostering a conducive workplace culture, as well as for the development of your business.

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One of the ways you can stay competitive in your industry is by making sure all your employees are performing at their best. Managing performance well creates a more productive and harmonious workplace because employees can see the value of their work. So always take a consistent approach to performance management.

The employee handbook should set out the standards expected at work and the steps you have to take if an employee starts to fall short. Conducting regular performance appraisals will also help you measure their skills, abilities and output against these expectations.

If there is a gap between your employee’s performance and what you expect, you need to address it early. Make a note on their record and talk to them as soon as possible. Set out clearly how you expect them to improve, with measurable targets if possible. They need to feel supported in improving, for example with further training, but grasp the potential consequences if they do not lift their game.

Sometimes an employee is just physically unable to do the work they were employed to do. This is not underperformance but medical capability. You need to establish the medical facts by getting an independent medical report done and then seek advice about what to do next.

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For peace of mind, please call our 24-hour Advice Line now on 1300 651 415

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