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Fair Work Information Statement.

(Last Updated On: October 16, 2018)

Fair Work Information Statement.

As soon as possible after a new employee starts work, you have to give them a Fair Work Information Statement (FWIS). This is a fact sheet compiled by the Fair Work Ombudsman. It informs employees about their workplace entitlements under core workplace legislation, the Fair Work Act:

  • the 10 National Employment Standards
  • right to request flexible working arrangements
  • modern awards
  • agreement making under the Fair Work Act
  • individual flexibility arrangements
  • freedom of association and workplace rights (general protections)
  • termination of employment
  • right of entry
  • the roles of the Fair Work Ombudsman and the Fair Work Commission

You can get a copy of the FWIS from Employsure. This is a general document only and our advisers know the full details. For peace of mind, please call our 24 hour Advice Line now on 1300 651 415.

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