Poor performance.

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Poor performance.

It is hard to stay competitive in your industry if employees are not performing at their best. Always address poor performance or underperformance early, before it starts to affect the productivity and morale of co-workers and ultimately, your business.

Poor performance or underperformance often shows up as:

  • failure to do the duties of the role or meet the standard required
  • non-compliance with workplace policies, rules or procedures
  • unacceptable behaviour at work
  • disruptive or negative behaviour that affects co-workers

Make sure your job descriptions are clear and detailed, so employees know what is expected of them in their roles. Regular appraisals are essential for keeping an eye on their achievements and showing what could be improved.

If someone has just started working for you and their performance is poor, they may not be up to the job. Perhaps they need more training to increase their skills or confidence. When an employee is more long term – and has always performed well in the past – there may be deeper reasons for their poor performance. Arrange a meeting to talk about possible causes, such as trouble at home or fear of new technology, and take action.

Whatever the reason for poor performance, you can retrain your employee to help lift their game, or find alternative employment in your organisation that better fits their skills and abilities.

If an employee still does not improve after retraining or other efforts, you have to begin the formal performance management process set out in your employee handbook. Follow this process to the letter before you consider ending their employment on these grounds, to avoid any chance of an unfair dismissal claims.

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