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Managing health and safety at work.

Managing health and safety at work.

Managing health and safety at work.

Good health and safety standards always start with the people at the top. Directors and board members have collective and individual responsibility for health and safety, no matter how big or small your business is. Their role in ensuring health and safety is vital for good governance.

Health and safety laws place responsibility for health and safety on the people in charge of the workplace and, on top of that, they have a duty of care to employees. With high standards of health and safety, you will see benefits to your business and also protect it from any bad publicity or employee unrest that would follow a serious accident or prosecution.

Research shows that managing health and safety at work effectively is good business practice. You could enjoy the financial benefits of:

  • increased productivity when following safe operating procedures
  • reduced insurance premiums
  • fewer absences for sickness
  • better employee retention and morale
  • reduced costs of training replacement employees.

Employsure knows about best practice in managing health and safety at work.

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