38-hour Weeks Cemented Into Hair & Beauty Award

Published July 03, 2019 (last updated July 17, 2020)

Today, 3 July 2019, there will be rostering changes to the Hair & Beauty Award 2010. These changes have been introduced to ‘simplify’ the rostering provisions provided in the Award, according to the Fair Work Commission (FWC).

The Award now details in the ‘Notification of Rosters’ clause how employers can set out rosters, over a number of weeks, so that an employee’s roster averages 38 hours per week.

As well as simplifying the clause, these changes also cement the average hours worked in a week for full-time employees under the Hair & Beauty Award.

In particular, employers must set up their rosters now that their full-time employees have:

  • 38 ordinary hours in one week; or
  • 76 ordinary hours in two consecutive weeks; or
  • 114 ordinary hours in three consecutive weeks; or
  • 152 ordinary hours in four consecutive weeks.

For instance, if an employee works 36 hours in week one, then in the second week they can be rostered to work for 40 hours.

If the business needs the employee to work for 44 hours in week 2, then in the third week, to bring the average down to 38 hours per week, the employee can only be rostered on for 34 hours on that week.

The ‘Notification of Rosters’ clause will also be amended to clarify that these changes only apply to permanent employees only.

Additionally, there are other minor changes to the rostering provisions.

Employers will now have to provide a written roster to employees. This roster does not have to be provided on a physical medium such as paper or as a poster – the provision allows the roster to be accessible by electronic means.

The roster must show three things for each employee. It must show the number of ordinary hours to be worked each week, the days of work, and the start and finish times.

Full-time and part-time employees will continue to receive their rosters 14 days in advance, according to the new provision. Full-time employees only will also be able to change their rosters by mutual agreement and in the case of an emergency, 48 hours’ notice will be needed to change a roster.


*Disclaimer: the information in this news article is correct at the time of publishing. For more detailed information specific to your business, please contact Employsure.


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