Bare Minimum Mondays: Fad or Sign of Workforce Burnout?

Published April 17, 2023 (last updated May 10, 2023) Molly Chandran

Bare Minimum Mondays, the famously coined term adds to the growing list of new workplace trends in a post pandemic world. It’s a response to a rise in ‘Sunday Scaries’; yet another term that describes the anxiety some employees feel on a Sunday night. According to a [1]LinkedIn research, nearly 80% of employees suffer from a cloud of dread that hangs over them typically on a Sunday.

Bare Minimum Mondays, coupled with record high employee burnout; poses a serious threat to employee productivity and morale, both of which can affect a company’s bottom line. Mary Blake, Employsure Head of Talent Acquisition says, “If employers are already seeing the negative impact of this phenomenon in their workplaces, this could be the opportune time to fine tune workplace practices.”

“Creating an employee experience that inspires individuals to show up to work each day is the most effective way to unlock employee engagement. A strong workplace culture can unify employees and ensuring management is well equipped to lead their teams successfully will more than likely help in reducing burnout.”

“Make Mondays less unpredictable. Employees can easily get stressed about the uncertainties of a Monday. Work with your managers or even your employees to create schedules for every Monday morning. Having a solid plan and knowing what they can expect on the first day of the week will help alleviate any fear or trepidation employees may have.”

“Normalize having a balance between work and life. The pandemic has forever changed the way work is viewed. For many, it’s been a re-assessment and re-alignment of priorities. Invite employees to review their work life balance and create opportunities for healthy conversations,” concluded Mary.

Employers should foster a positive workplace culture that encourages collaboration, creativity, and innovation. This will help employees feel more engaged and motivated; and when they do, it can lead to improved productivity on Mondays and throughout the week.

[1] How To Overcome The “Sunday Scaries” (

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