Effective leave policy essential for employers

Published July 30, 2021 -
Leave Management

Being transparent with employees regarding leave entitlements, and having an efficient system in place to manage them, is a must have for business owners, particularly in the age of COVID-19.

Employsure, workplace relations advisor to more than 30,000 SMEs across Australia and New Zealand, is urging employers to outline a clear leave policy within their business, particularly for those who are, or have recently been in lockdown.

“Employees have undoubtedly accrued a large amount of annual leave over the past 18 months since the pandemic began. If they haven’t taken, or been encouraged to take annual leave in that time, it can lead to a larger cost to the employer,” said Employsure employment relations specialist Joshua Paterson.

“Using New South Wales as an example, it can become cheaper in the long run for employers in lockdown to direct their employees to take some leave now. This will help avoid multiple employees taking time off at once, help employers maintain healthy staffing levels, and give employees time to rest before busier periods such as Christmas.

“Not only does having a clear leave system in place take the financial stress off the employer, but it also increases employee satisfaction, productivity, efficiency and retention.”

To assist with planning, people management software such as BrightHR has become a must have for employers. This software allows employers to manage leave requests and balances from anywhere, anytime, and record all employee information such as personal details, emergency contacts, and COVID-19 vaccination status.

By using digital software to consolidate all leave requests in one place, businesses can identify critical periods in the calendar where all hands are needed on deck, as well as the quieter times of year where employees should be encouraged to use their leave.

“There are many moving parts when trying to manage leave that can quickly throw a business off track. Using the correct software can give both employers and employees peace of mind knowing all obligations under the Fair Work Act are being met,” continued Mr Paterson.

“It’s also important as a business owner to set an expectation to employees about the amount of leave they can take at once. If an employee wants to take a month-long holiday, they should give plenty of notice so employers can plan accordingly.

“Managing leave correctly can have a positive impact on the mental and physical health of employers and their staff. Employers should plan ahead now before Australia fully reopens to avoid bottlenecks of leave requests and short-staffing in the future.”

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