International Women’s Day 2023

Published February 28, 2023 Molly Chandran

The theme for International Women’s Day 2023 is #Embrace Equity. The campaign is an initiative to make the world sit up and notice that talking about equality is no longer enough.

Historically, this day has been an opportunity to honour the courage and determination of all the women who have changed history and acts as a platform for all those who will continue to do so, in the pursuit of gender equality for generations to come.

On International Women’s Day 2023, there is a chance for us to move forward and embrace equity. The journey to female empowerment demands equity. It demands recognition that each person has unique circumstances and needs to be offered the support and resources they need to reach equal privileges and goals.

At Employsure, we believe in embracing equity for all – regardless of one’s age, gender, race, or religion. Not just today but every day we respect and appreciate the women we work with, and importantly we do our best to support them in all phases of their lives. In doing so, we are breaking gender bias, supporting them in fulfilling their commitments; and we are championing them in their career goals.

We live in a world of endless possibilities, a world where we should be constantly moving toward the end of bias, stereotypes, and discrimination. A world built on diversity, equity, and inclusiveness and a world where difference is valued and celebrated. Imagine such a world, a world where the next generation of women will never have to worry if their voices will be heard, or their opinions valued. That is the kind of world we must strive to build and normalize. 

We have so much to celebrate at Employsure this International Women’s Day, with so many talented women in our organisation leading, inspiring, challenging norms, and driving change! Together, we can forge women’s equality and collectively we can all #EmbraceEquity

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