Is Managing Hybrid Work Models The Ultimate Balancing Act For Employers?

Published September 05, 2022 (last updated September 27, 2022) Molly Chandran

With a national call for more businesses to return to offices, navigating a smooth transition back and maintaining a safe environment for employees can be overwhelming for any employer. Business owners in the Professional services industry are facing significant change especially where Covid-19 is concerned.  A recent survey conducted by PWC [1] suggests that hybrid work is here to stay leaving employers grappling with the challenge of striking a balance between being in the office and working from home. 

Australia’s leading employment relations and work health and safety specialists, Employsure have released resources specifically aimed at professional business owners. Representing over 24,400 businesses in Australia, Employsure have leveraged their expertise to create customized resources ranging from performance management to return to work guides for employers in professional services. 

The biggest question is how can employers and companies strike the right balance of hybrid working and creating safe workplaces for all? Employsure’s Head of Operations, Stephen Roebuck commented on the importance of employer obligations on these pressing matters. Roebuck said, “With more businesses sounding the alarm for staff to return to the office, the challenge for any employer lies in assuring employees that workplaces are safe and compliant with ever-changing Covid-19 rules. 

Business owners need to have a work from home [2] (remote working) policy particularly to manage employees opting for hybrid working. Managing staff performance [3] when they are not in the office is crucial as the risk of reduced employee engagement is high. There could be a myriad of reasons causing underperformance in employees and the onus remains on employers to ensure appropriate strategies are in place to curb these risks.  

There are concerns about the impact of remote working on career progression due to a lack of visibility in the office and, employers need to make sure that high performing employees adopting for a hybrid work arrangement, are not forgotten when it comes to career opportunities. Mr Roebuck continued: “It is a constant case of balancing the scales and, now more than ever; Employers need to know their obligations towards their employees at any given time. Our resources help galvanize employers and business owners with the fluid changes in employee management.” 

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