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August 2019

FWO Surprise Audits On Melbourne Hospitality Businesses

02/08/2019 , by Leigh Johnston

Since the George Calombaris $7.8 million underpayment scandal news broke, hospitality employers around Australia have been put on...

Employer Emails Expecting Mum To Cancel Maternity Leave After Stillbirth

01/08/2019 , by Leigh Johnston

Forced to return to work and grieve in silence, an Australian woman who lost her child at 35 weeks, received an email from her employer...

Israel Folau Launches Court Case Against Rugby Australia Over Unlawful Termination

01/08/2019 , by Nicholas Hartman

Israel Folau has lodged court proceedings for unlawful termination against Rugby Australia, according to the ABC. This development...

July 2019

Long Commutes Negatively Impacting Workers – And They’re Only Getting Worse

31/07/2019 , by Nicholas Hartman

Two things are getting on the nerves on Aussie workers. One is long commutes to and from work. The other is payroll mistakes made by...

George Calombaris 'Sorry' For Underpayments

31/07/2019 , by Leigh Johnston

Celebrity chef George Calombaris says he is sorry for underpaying his restaurant staff and hopes he can now be a "voice for change" in...

Fixed-Term Contracts And Employment Of Women Rising, But Incomes Stagnating: Report

31/07/2019 , by Nicholas Hartman

Casual contracts are declining, but fixed-term contracts are on the rise according to the latest Household, Income and Labour Dynamics...