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July 2019

Australia’s Minimum Wage Now Highest In The World

16/07/2019 , by Leigh Johnston

Workers on the minimum wage in Australia officially have more purchasing power than those in any other country in the world, according...

Employee Fired For Poor Performance Awarded $17,500

16/07/2019 , by Nick Hartman

An employee at a logistics company has been awarded $17,500 in compensation after the Fair Work Commission held that his dismissal,...

IR Reform Isn’t Need In Says Columnist In The Australian

16/07/2019 , by Nick Hartman

Industrial relations reform isn’t needed. That’s according to The Australian columnist Katrina Grace Kelly, who argues that the Fair...

New Research: 95 Per Cent Of SME Owners Are Always In Work Mode

15/07/2019 , by Leigh Johnston

Most small business owners think of their businesses as their babies, especially when they love what they do. That's why it can be so...

Report: Temporary Skilled Migrants Are A “Overwhelmingly Net Positive” To Australian Economy

15/07/2019 , by Nicholas Hartman

Skilled migrants, especially those on temporary visas, have been “overwhelmingly net positive” to the Australian economy. That’s...

Employers Can't Turn A Blind Eye To Bullying

12/07/2019 , by Leigh Johnston

Workplace bullying is a serious health and wellbeing issue and employers are being urged to ensure they are taking adequate steps to...