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July 2019

Michael Hill Caught Out In Up To $25 Million Underpayments Over Six Years

12/07/2019 , by Nick Hartman

By Nick Hartman Retail giant Michael Hill – with over 300 stores across Australia, New Zealand, and Canada is facing a $10 million...

Employee Warned After Tweeting in Support of Staff Facing Penalty Rate Cuts

11/07/2019 , by Nick Hartman

An employee for a book publisher has been given a “first and final warning” after tweeting in support of bookshop staff who are...

Retailers Push For Staff Flexibility

11/07/2019 , by Leigh Johnston

Retail groups are calling for greater flexibility to offer part-time staff extra hours at short notice without incurring overtime...

Wage Rise Accelerates Across Banking, Retail and Fast Food Sectors – But SMEs Still Hardest Hit

10/07/2019 , by Leigh Johnston

Wage growth appears to be picking up with banks, retail and fast-food giants promising pay increases for most workers in newly negotiated...

Dockers Go On Strike

10/07/2019 , by Nick Hartman

Up to 2,000 dock workers across the nation will go on strike on today, for up to three days, protesting lost conditions in their wage...

Government: Benefits to Economy Will Be Focus of IR Reform

10/07/2019 , by Nick Hartman

“The Morrison government will conduct a review of workplace laws, according to SBS, saying that they will focus on changes that make...