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November 2019

Staff Notice Requirements Before the Christmas Shutdown.


Are you planning to shut down your business over the Christmas and New Year period? It's never too early (or too late) to start...

Sexual Harassment a Familiar Reality for 1 in 3 Working Aussies.


Since the ‘Me Too’ movement, sexual harassment scandals continue to claim the headlines. The headlines include high profile...

Business Council Announces Support For Wage Theft Law – With Caveats

08/11/2019 , by Nicholas Hartman

The Business Council of Australia has backed the Morrison Government’s plans to introduce so-called wage theft legislation, in a...

Son Wins Unfair Dismissal Claim After Being Sacked At Family Dinner

06/11/2019 , by Nicholas Hartman

The Fair Work Commission has found in favour of a son, who claimed his parents unfairly sacked him from his job. The man was sacked...

Qantas Staff Fear Being Labelled As Troublemakers For Reporting Workplace Sexual Harassment

05/11/2019 , by Nicholas Hartman

Qantas staff are reluctant to report sexual harassment with only 3% being willing to file a report an incident, as they fear being...

Retailers Group Lobbies For Changes To General Retail Award

04/11/2019 , by Nicholas Hartman

The Australian Retailers Association has announced it will seek changes to the General Retail Award to make it less complex and more...