SafeWork SA To Let Circus Resume Shows

Published July 25, 2019 (last updated July 23, 2020) -

A circus that was closed down after two of its performers were involved in serious accidents within four days has been given the greenlight by SafeWork SA to resume shows.

An acrobat at the circus was injured last week when she slipped while performing a routine with a ring, falling ten metres to the ground and fracturing her wrists and elbows.

Four days after that incident, a stunt bike rider crashed, breaking his back in three places, puncturing his lung and suffering serious facial injuries.

It is believed that both performers face full recoveries without any complications.

On Tuesday news broke that the circus had been temporarily suspended after South Australia’s health and safety watchdog issue nine prohibition notices following an extensive safety audit prompted by the accidents.

In a statement, SafeWork SA said that before the show can return, WHS issues must be resolved.

“These issues must be resolved and compliance met before the related items and equipment can be used,” the statement said.

“Worker and public safety is our paramount concern.”

On Wednesday, the ABC reports that SafeWork SA lifted four of the nine prohibition notices it had handed out, allowing the circus to perform on Wednesday night.

The circus still has to abide the remaining five orders, but SafeWork SA said it was “satisfied that the key non-compliance issues at [the circus] have been addressed and has lifted four of the nine prohibition notices put in place earlier this week.”

“Five prohibition notices remain in place but will not prevent the circus from opening tonight. These include prohibitions on working at heights and a ban on aerial performances such as the motorcycle show.”

Taking to Facebook, the circus briefly stated that “SafeWork SA have given us official confirmation that the show will be airing tonight…as will [planned] future performances”.

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