Shocking Scaffolding Safety Standards Despite Blitz

Published October 09, 2019 (last updated July 23, 2020) -

A construction site in the Sydney’s south was shutdown last Friday, after it was discovered that workers on the site had altered and removed key scaffold materials, with the result that a 15m high tower was at a risk of collapse.

The Daily Telegraph also reports that tradies were spotted standing on top of scaffolding, completely unprotected, at sites in the inner west.

This news comes in the wake of a six-month blitz on scaffolding compliance in NSW by SafeWork NSW has given the campaign prominence

A spokesperson for the construction company said the company “acted quickly to respond to these ­issues” and was co-operating with SafeWork NSW.

“No building work is permitted in this area until the company is completely satisfied that it is 100 per cent safe,” she said.

A separate scaffold company, which set up the scaffold at the Caringbah site, contacted the safety regulator due to their concern over the state of the scaffold.

The scaffolding company’s national health and safety manager said it contained “around 100-tonne of scaffold”. Stressing the importance of compliance, the spokesman added that it was a “massive risk to the industry that any other trade can just remove scaffold ­components”.

The tradie photographed walking unprotected at the top of the scaffold was at a separate site in the inner west of Sydney.

The director of the building company responsible for that site told the Daily Telegraph that “the worker should not have been at that level working unprotected”.

A spokesperson for the scaffolding company responsible for the scaffold at that site also confirmed that the worker was “in an area where he should not be”, but otherwise that the structure was “safe and compliant”.


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