Victorian businesses have suffered enough – It’s time to reopen

Published October 21, 2020 (last updated January 25, 2022) -

The Victorian Government needs to fast-track the reopening of businesses across the state so employers can take advantage of spending driven by tax cuts, according to Employsure, Australia’s largest workplace relations advisor.

While the restrictions lifted over the weekend have allowed employers in the hair industry to reopen, most other businesses, like those in beauty, retail and hospitality, won’t be able to open their doors for another two weeks. This comes despite a decrease in new and active COVID-19 cases.

“Businesses across Melbourne and regional Victoria have waited long enough. They have been preparing their COVID-safe strategies for weeks, and are now ready to go,” said Employsure Managing Director Ed Mallett.

“Consumers are being encouraged to spend their personal income tax cuts that were announced in the Federal Budget to help kickstart the economy. What good is it for business owners if they can’t even open? In the time businesses have remained shut, the customer may have already used that money elsewhere.

“With Christmas fast approaching, businesses need to be able to get ready to capitalise on that push for spending. Whether it’s shoppers buying presents from retail stores, or patrons enjoying the warmer and longer days at a pub, cafe or restaurant, every day closed adds up.”

In addition to further closures, other businesses are being hit with further financial burden with the introduction of another public holiday to thank Victorians for their understanding and commitment to the regulations throughout the pandemic.

From 11:59pm on November 1, businesses will be able to reopen. Hospitality venues will allow for up to 20 people inside at a time and 50 outside.

Premier Daniel Andrews has stated if the number of new cases remains low over the coming fortnight, restrictions could be relaxed sooner.

“The longer businesses are forced to remain shut, the heavier the cost will be to them,” continued Mr Mallett.

“Many employers looking to hire casuals over the Christmas period may not even know how many they need yet. They need to be given a clear road out of lockdown so they can plan around that. While the past few months have helped slow the spread of COVID-19, there comes a time where concessions need to be made to help business owners get back on their feet.

“This next week will be crucial in determining whether or not the easing of restrictions can be brought forward. A week can make a huge difference to a small business, particularly to those who are barely hanging on as a result of the pandemic,” concluded Mr Mallett.


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