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Better Business Podcast | Series 1


Better Business | Unfair Dismissal

Join host, Scott McGrath and Senior Employment Relations Adviser Tariq Nasri as they discuss the rise...


Better Business | Working Overtime

Episode 5 of our podcast series, Employsure Essentials, puts expert adviser Harry Hilliar in the hot...

Better Business | Work Health & Safety

Join host, Scott McGrath, and work health and safety adviser, Kerri Allen, as they discuss some...

Better Business | Personal (Sick) Leave

Episode 3 of the series sees host, Scott McGrath, discuss the difficult topic of personal leave...

Better Business | Termination, Resignation & Dismissal

Employsure Essentials is a podcast series presenting the essential elements of employee relations and workplace health...

Better Business | Minimum Wage & Penalty Rates

The first episode of Employsure Essentials podcast series sees our host, Scott McGrath, discuss the new...

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