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At Employsure, we stand alongside businesses to ensure a safe and fair workplace for all. Learn more about our pro bono program.

Supporting the community

Through a dedicated Pro Bono Program, Employsure recognises and acts on its ethical responsibility to support not-for-profit organisations and registered charities to manage staff and build safe workplaces, so their time and resources can be dedicated to further advancing their valuable services.

The program supports these organisations on a no fee, long term basis. It includes providing specialised advice and assistance across all matters of managing employees and safe workplaces to establish the solid foundations that allow them to succeed. Eligibility will be determined on a case by case basis and decided by an internal pro bono committee.

Queries about the pro bono program can be sent to: [email protected]

Meet our pro bono client

Sydney Dogs and Cats Home

At the core of Employsure’s purpose is a long-standing and proud vision of empowering every business to succeed. This includes those organisations that positively impact the community.

This commitment to providing pro bono services for not-for-profit organisations means that those organisations can focus on succeeding in their communities and their time and resources can be dedicated to further advance their important services.

Through this program, we make available our skills, talents, people and resources to organisations that positively impact communities. In turn, the program benefits our people by providing them with professional development opportunities and the experience to contribute to organisations that have good causes.

As Australia’s leading workplace relations specialists, Employsure is in the position to extend its services to selected not-for-profit clients on a no fee, long term basis. These organisations benefit from end-to-end workplace relations advice and support. By empowering these organisations to succeed, we are enabling these organisations to focus their time and resources on what they do best for their communities.

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