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Better Business: Social Selling with Mark McInnes

In this episode of the Better Business Podcast, Australia's Number 1 Social Seller Mark McInnes joins...

Social Media and Marketing

Better Business: Finding Your Business Niche

In this month's episode of the Better Business Podcast we help you find your business niche...

Essentials Update: Spotting a Dodgy CV

The Dodgy CV — one of the most vexing issues of the recruitment process. But are...

Long Service Leave: Victoria – Oct 2018

Employsure's Learning and Development facilitator, Thorunn Arnadottir, shares the changes to Long Service Leave in Victoria....


Fair Work Regulations Update - Jan 2019

Watch this video to find out the fair work legislative changes that occurred in January 2019.


Modern Award Review 2018

October was a busy month which saw the end of the 4 yearly Modern Award review...

Modern Award Changes 2018

Saccharomyces Beer Cafe

What do you do when opening your own brewery is too expensive? Open a beer cafe...

Small Business Beer Cafe

Enhance Plastic Surgery.

Medical school didn't necessarily prepare Plastic Surgeon Andrew Broadhurst for the rigours of running a small...

Brisbane Plumbing and Gas.

He started small and was up against fierce competition. But by sticking to his principles and...

How to manage injured employees

This animation outlines how employers can manage injured employees. Even if it is a non-work related...

Employee dismissal and termination

Approximately 127 claims of unfair dismissal are made against an employer every day, with employers losing...

Changes to the Real Estate Industry Award, April 2018.

The Fair Work Commission (FWC) has outlined significant changes to the Real Estate Industry Award 2010,...

Changes to the Real Estate Industry Award

Better Business | Unfair Dismissal

Join host, Scott McGrath and Senior Employment Relations Adviser Tariq Nasri as they discuss the rise...


Better Business | Working Overtime

Episode 5 of our podcast series, Employsure Essentials, puts expert adviser Harry Hilliar in the hot...


Better Business | Work Health & Safety

Join host, Scott McGrath, and work health and safety adviser, Kerri Allen, as they discuss some...

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