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What is The Fair Work Act?

Views: 6560Posted 14-09-2017

This animation answers the question: What is the Fair Work Act? It also outlines the National Employment Standards, helping employers understand their rights and obligations.

With one of the most complex workplace relations systems in the world it can be a challenge for owners and managers of SMEs in Australia to ensure they are compliant, and that’s where Employsure can help.

Employsure protects employers from risks by providing advice, legally compliant documents, insurance and representation. Employsure is a team of workplace relations specialists dedicated to helping small businesses succeed by creating fair and safe workplaces.

The Fair Work Act governs the relationship between employers and employees in Australia. It outlines the provisions for all workplaces including a guaranteed safety net of enforceable minimum terms and conditions through the National Employment Standards, Modern Awards and National Minimum Wage orders. The 10 national employment standards that every business must follow include hours of work, annual leave and long service leave. Parental leave and flexible working arrangements. Public holiday entitlements. Termination and redundancy pay. Personal carers and compassionate leave. Most employees are also covered by a modern award, which sets industry-specific minimum wages and entitlements. Because these rates change over time, it’s important to stay informed. Like most legislation, the Fair Work Act is complex and difficult to navigate and understand. For peace of mind about your obligations, speak with employsure today.

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