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How to manage absenteeism.

Views: 2847Posted 18-09-2017

This animation outlines the facts that employers need to know about managing absenteeism within their business. It aims to help small business owners and employers get informed about their obligations.

With one of the most complex workplace relations systems in the world it can be a challenge for owners and managers of SMEs in Australia to ensure they are compliant, and that’s where Employsure can help.

Employsure protects employers from risks by providing advice, legally compliant documents, insurance and representation. Employsure is a team of workplace relations specialists dedicated to helping small businesses succeed by creating fair and safe workplaces.

Repeated employee absences can be frustrating and difficult to manage. Clear communication is key to resolving the issue, as an individual may be experiencing bullying or discrimination at work, or they may have a serious illness. Whatever the reason for absence, there are four steps business owners can take to reduce absenteeism. Document company policy on leave and absence in the employee handbook, and ensure all staff are aware of the details. Enforce the policy fairly and consistently. Record and monitor leave to identify any patterns of high absences. Conduct training for both managers and employees on leave policies and potential outcomes of noncompliance. If an individual continues to be absent without proper explanation, the next step is to arrange an informal meeting to discuss the employee’s health and welfare. This meeting must include an opportunity for an employee to tell their story with a support person present if requested.
If the issue cannot be resolved, or if it continues without proper explanation, employers may consider starting a formal disciplinary process to resolve the issue. For more information about how to conduct a form disciplinary meeting, or for advice on managing absenteeism, speak with employsure today.

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