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How to manage injured employees.

Views: 1114Posted 21-05-2018

(Last Updated On: October 2, 2018)

This animation outlines how employers can manage injured employees. Even if it is a non-work related injury, employers have an obligation to provide support to their employees. This includes giving your employee enough time to recover and keeping their role open. It is useful to create a ‘return to work agreement’ to ensure there are no discrepancies with what the employee expects and what the employer can provide. Watch the video above for more information.

What happens when an employee is injured outside of work? Employers should provide support to any employees who suffer a non-work related illness or injury. This includes giving them time off work to recover, keeping their role open and helping them return as soon as possible, following an injury or serious illness. An employer and employee should create a return to work agreement.

This agreement sets an expected timeframe for recovery, ensures the employee is given appropriate duties for their condition, makes adjustments to work hours, tasks, environment or equipment. And ensures the employee is not treated unfairly because of their injury. An employer must assess the impact of the injury on work tasks and use of equipment. To ensure there are no safety issues, an employer has the right to request an injured employee visit an independent doctor to check a worker can do their job safely.

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