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Flexible Working Arrangements Policy – Nov 2018

Views: 466Posted 25-01-2019

The Fair Work Commission has announced important changes to Australia’s flexible work laws are now in effect. This new provision affects all Modern Awards as of 1st of December 2018.

This month the Fair Work Commissioner has finalised their decision to update all Modern Award provisions on flexible working arrangements.

From the 1st of December, employees will have additional obligations when addressing a request for flexible working arrangements. Where eligible employees make a request, employers will need to hold discussions with them to genuinely try and reach an agreement to accommodate the need for flexible working arrangements.

If the request cannot be accommodated, employers will need to establish whether alternate working arrangements can be offered to address the needs of the employee before rejecting a request.

It’s important to remember that rejecting a request for flexible working arrangements will need to be based on reasonable business grounds.

Any alternate arrangements agreed between the parties, or reasonable business grounds for refusing a request, will also need to be detailed in a written response to the employee, in accordance with the applicable Modern Award.

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