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Modern Award Review 2018

Views: 553Posted 25-01-2019

October was a busy month which saw the end of the 4 yearly Modern Award review conducted by the FWO.

Hi guys. My name is Thorunn. I’m one of the Learning and Development facilitators here at Employsure. I just want to bring you some updates on changes that have happened over the month of October.

It’s been a very busy month as the Fair Work Commission are finalizing their changes as part of the four yearly Modern Awards review.

From the 1st of November, 89 Modern Awards will be updated with provisions that require employers to make final payments within seven days after an employee’s employment ends.

104 Modern Awards will be updated with new standard clauses that replace previous technical wording and make it simpler and easier to understand. This will include simplifying clauses on award flexibility, consultation about workplace changes, dispute resolution, and termination of employment.

The General Retail Award will also have penalty rates added for casuals who work on evenings from Monday to Friday. They will also receive increases to penalty rates for work that they perform on Saturdays. These increases will be in addition to their casual loading. The shiftwork penalty rate will also reduce for General Retail employees who perform shiftwork on Sundays.

There are also industry specific changes to accident pay under the Black Coal Award, classification descriptions under the Contract Call Centres Award, and the minimum engagement period for casuals under the Horticultural Award.

In terms of state legislation changes, Long Service Leave entitlements for employees who work in Victoria have also changed. Amongst some of the changes, eligible employees will be able to request long service leave after completing seven continuous years, rather than 10 years. And they’ll also be able to request single days off, rather than having to take all of their long service leave at once.

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