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Modern Awards Review – July 19

Views: 405Posted 02-08-2019

July is always one of the busiest months for Fair Work changes. Our employment relations expert Jessica Lestrange shares the changes that took place in the month of July:

1) the Minimum Wage Increase
2) a change to Victorian Portable Long Service Leave
3) the Western Australia State Wage Increase
4) a Modern Awards Review

Hello and welcome to the update on what has happened in employment relations for July.

Minimum wage increase

As was mentioned in last month’s update the minimum wage increase came into effect on the first full pay period on or after 1 July 2019.

All businesses should now have updated their employees’ rates of pay, if this increase was applicable.

Also, as was mentioned last month along with the minimum wage increase came changes to:

  1. The Pharmacy Industry award in the form of further increases to wages;
  2. The casual loading in the Business Equipment Award; and
  3. The roster provisions in the Hair and Beauty Award.

Any businesses also covered by these Awards should take extra care to ensure that they have correctly applied the recent increases and changes.

VIC Portable LSL

The introduction of portable long service leave in Victoria for the Community Services, Contract Cleaning and Security Industry, has also now come into effect.

As of 1 July business covered by the new legislation have been able to register with the scheme and need to ensure this occurs before the cut off date to avoid penalties.

WA – State wage increase

Western Australia has also seen an increase to their state-based minimum wage and Award wages. The increase, similar to the national minimum wage increase, applies form the first full pay period on or after 1 July 2019.

The Western Australia increase was 2.75% and any businesses covered by State Awards in Western Australia should ensure that they have applied the right increase.

Modern Award Review

Finally, The modern Award review continues with the commission considering a number of updates to various Awards.

Employers should make sure that they keep up to date on all Award changes which may impact their business.

Employsure clients receive frequent updates on all these changes, as well as advice on how to apply such changes to the business.

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