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Australia Leak Detection Systems.

Views: 1232Posted 06-12-2017

Chris of Australia Leak Detection Systems, features in our latest Small Business State of Mind. Chris discusses the needs to get the basics of business right in the first place, from there you just manage the journey.

Oh I believe there’s been some massive economic challenges in recent times and to that end you know people have been without work for long periods of time – there’s been a lack of stability.
And I think that’s representative of the work that’s been here previously, is that you know we have to get everything set up and make sure that all the business systems are in place to ensure that both the guys as employees are protected as well as the company.
So it’s about that shared responsibility toward each other that I think engenders that culture of work. The key thing with Employsure for me was about saying – Look, I don’t need to be worrying about this stuff. I need to I know it’s all there it’s all in place, the staff are protected, they’re all working safely, they’ve got everything that they need to be compliant with the local legislation and laws – so for me getting that all in place, absolutely key.
Because I don’t need to be worrying about that, I’ve got to worry about the growth of the business and whether the cash flow in the right place. Get the platform for growth and development there.
Set your goals and your targets your ambitions for the next six months, twelve months, three years. Start to plan ahead and encourage your staff to buy into that plan and assist you with it. Make them feel part of the journey with you

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