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Hear from Robin Wang of Australia City Properties Management as he shares how honesty and hard work have led to the success of his business. Robin talks about how offering the right incentives can encourage staff retention and lead to business growth.

I think the reality is you have to work very hard when you own your own business, and that’s being able to attend to the office and any issues whenever required.

Emergencies do happen and you’ve just got to stay on top of the game and in order to do that you have to put in two hundred percent.

Honesty, integrity is the key to creating a successful Real Estate business, and treating our clients like our family.

If you have the right team, meaning the right staff members, people who treat the business as their own that will be the key to the success of the business.

Employsure keeps up with the regulations and then as well as the Awards in which myself and my company is not able to stay on top of. I want to pay my employees and award my employees in the right way.

I want to be able to focus my efforts in building value to my own business whether that’s making more profit or hiring the right staff as opposed to spending all my time in trying to find out the changes with these Awards which are happening regularly.

My tips for business owners are to find the right staff and to retain the right staff by awarding them with the incentives and the bonuses and treat them like your family members.

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