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Bella Beautiful.

Views: 663Posted 14-09-2017

(Last Updated On: October 2, 2018)

Employsure’s new video series takes a peek at Australian small businesses to understand the challenges, achievements and motivation behind the nation’s small businesses.

This month, Tanisha of Bella Beautiful shares her stories on her experience in running a hair salon.

See, it’s the body language. When someone comes in and they sit on the chair, you can see they’re … They’re just not feeling their self. When you do that colour or just that cut or that blow dry, that’s just enough to see the expression in their face to go, “Wow, thank you! You’ve changed me!” It’s a good feeling because you know, you’re helping someone, you’re bringing their vibe out. That’s the best feeling in hairdressing, seeing someone happy. You know when they’re walking away because they’re touching their hair and they’re looking in the mirror and they’re really feeling their self.
I worked a full year before I even went on a holiday. If there’s an issue, I’m not here to go, “Okay, yeah. How can we fix this?” She started calling in sick and then didn’t answer my calls. I had to go through her boyfriend to get the keys back. That was hard because I’m trying to run this, I’m trying to get my keys back, trying to find staff. I had no one but myself and my parents, and I think that’s also what I do thank Employsure for because they’ve showed me different techniques on how to handle a situation.
A good learning curve, I do recommend that young girls get out there and give it a go. If I can do it, anybody can do it. Put your heart into it, love it, don’t ever look back.

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