Cass Brothers.

Published September 11, 2017
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Employsure’s video series Small Business State of Mind takes a peek at Australian small businesses to understand the challenges, achievements and motivation behind the nation’s small businesses. This month, Mark of Cass Brothers shares his experience running a business and tips for others.


  • Small Business State Of Mind: Cass Brothers

    When we started I remember one of my business partners, his father and uncle who started the business almost 50 years ago, and they retired and we bought them out. Since then we’ve opened a new store at Waverly about 15 years ago and they’re family businesses. We like our staff to treat the business like a family business. We treat them like it’s a big family, it’s important to us.
    So starting a business in today’s climate it is challenging, you’ve got OH&S issues, finding good people is always very difficult. Being able to get your hands on the right products at the right pricing and just making things a bit more efficient as best we can. These days with margins being as tight as they are any efficiencies that you can work into the business is definitely a benefit.
    Work hard, put in the long hours. Don’t expect to go into a shop and think that okay this is my shop now and I can just sit back and let everyone else do the work. You really have to lead from the top and your attitude and your belief filters through to your people that are working for you.

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