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Hear from Charlie of Chedid Property as he shares his tips on standing out in a saturated market. Charlie talks about the responsibility of leadership and how to get staff on board with a company vision.

I decided to start my own business because it’s an exciting industry, and real estate itself is very exciting but mixing that with people management and leadership is what I really find enjoyable.

One of the challenges in the real estate industry is it’s very hard to differentiate yourself but we have done that through the use of a lot of new technologies in the marketplace as well as a high level of customer service.

I do have a lot of passion what we’re doing here and I really want to see the vision come to life. The most difficult thing that most people would find about managing staff is getting them to truly buy in to the vision that you have for the company but the way that we navigate around that is by truly emotionally investing ourselves in their goals and their success and it’s just reciprocated from there.

The top tip for somebody wanting to start a business in real estate is to understand that it’s not the same thing as being a listing and selling agent just by yourself and there are a lot of other parts to the process that you will have to know back-to-front I would highly recommend leading a team within the company that you’re currently working within first before transitioning out to that big step of opening your own thing.

So one of the things I do love about being a business owner is you have the opportunity to be a leader but I think people have to remember that leadership isn’t about being in charge leadership is about taking care of those in your charge.

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