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Hear from Kieran Syme of DentFree AutoTree in this episode of Small Business State of Mind. Kieran shares his experience of starting his own business and speaks about the importance of nurturing employees by instilling self-worth.

My very first day of my own business training I believe I felt freedom. I felt fear, nervousness of course but ultimately it was it was freedom. Even after 30 odd years of working on cars I am still passionate about getting a perfect result.

In DentFree, we’ve taken on quite a few staff members that have needed a bit of help in life. Guys that have possibly come from broken families or maybe worse and could do with some good guidance and a bit of help. It’s a matter of getting these guys to realise that they’ve got a bit worth, that they’ve got some value — a lot of value — and are capable. To find a young fellow who is interested in any trade this is great; to find a guy is interested in fixing cars is almost a miracle!

Definitely tell them that it’s hard work to start with, you can expect calls day and night, weekends as well. And you’ve got to have an answer for these people every phone call, and you’ve got to have it with a smile on your face. And treat people in the same way that you want to be treated, and have your car fixed in the same way that you want your car fixed.

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