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Empire Bay Marina.

Views: 1400Posted 15-12-2017

Rachelle of Empire Bay Marina is the focus of our next Small Business State of Mind videos in which we hear her view on the growing trend of businesses staying within the family. Rachelle has been lucky to learn the ropes from her father, but she shares with us how this has not made her immune from the same challenges faced by other business owners.

With Dad taking more and more time away stepping into such a big place especially with all you know our regular customers and things like that.

Having Dad there was a reassurance, those shoes are really hard to fill.

Being a kid growing up here and wharfs and boats and on the water itself you know there’s a risk wherever you go.

Our procedures are to help prevent any serious injuries. Everyone occasionally has an injury at work whether you like it or not, small, minor, unfortunately some people do have major injuries, but at the end of the day it’s putting those procedures in place to minimize the risk of those major injuries.

You know obviously happy staff equals you know a well-managed job as a whole. Happy employees they’re happy to do their job, they’re happy to come to work they’re gonna be proactive about doing their job.

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